The Difference between CNC and Manual Lathe Machines

The difference between CNC and Manual Lathe Machines

The arrival of CNC lathe machines has changed the industrial world tremendously. Take, for example, a client has requested for some products you make, and he/she needs them urgently, and the machine you have is a manual lathe machine that is depended on an operator for it to perform a specific task. What this means is, you’ll not be able to meet deadlines because the machine can only be operated during a certain time, as the operator will need to rest. Unless you hire more operators for the work to be accomplished.

CNC lathe machine is more advanced and sophisticated in that you’ll only need to programme it and it will perform the work it is intended for. If you have more than one CNC lathe machine no need to worry about hiring more people as one operator is more than enough task force to manage all of them.

The CNC lathe machine doesn’t necessarily require an operator to be skilled about the interior parts of the machine as he/she will only require the basic skills of using the machine interface. The CNC machine comes with a user manual that guides the user on how to operate the machine, and you don’t have to be an engineer for you to operate it, unlike the manual lathe machine which needs a highly trained operator who has knowledge of both the interior and exterior parts of the machine.

With CNC lathe machine you’ll cut down cost because there isn’t need of employing many people as one operator can manage more than one machine. A lot of time is saved and as you well know, “time is money” and the more time is saved-the more money is being made. Manual lathe machine is limited to operating time unlike CNC which can work for 24 hrs, and if it can work for long hours, then you are able to produce more.

The manual lathe machine isn’t the best for a person who is a hobbyist and make things just for fun. It’s more complex to operate the manual lathe as you are required to be a professional, and this is the reason why many hobbyists can’t use it.

The invention of CNC lathe machines has come to the aid of such people because they don’t have to go to an engineering college to learn how to operate the machine all they need is the basic knowledge of computer and the manual of the machine.

CNC lathe machine is able to perform the most difficult task that can’t be done by a manual machine. You might think the manual lathe machine is cheap, but if you count down the cost of operating it, you’ll agree the price of a CNC lathe machine is worth the dollar judging from its functions.

CNC lathe machine may be expensive but it will work for more hours, bringing in more money and in no time you’ll have gotten back the money you purchased it with. If you are looking to grow your production business, CNC lathe machine is the best companion to have.