Is CNC Lathes different from 3-D Printer

is cnc lathe different from 3-d printer

Many types of machines have been produced, and there are numerous others yet to come and all thanks to the growth of technology. Unlike the past, these days one can create anything from just feeding commands to a computerized machine, and they get what they want. Can you imagine having the same product design without options to choose from just because it is impossible to create different designs? That was the case back then before the advent of a CNC lathe machine. One of the most beneficial machines that can probably be used at home is a 3D printer but is it better than the CNC lathe machine? Both may have some comparison, but they are different in a number of ways.

CNC lathe machine works by carving out excess material from the previously mounted raw material by using specialized cutting and carving tools. 3D printer, doesn’t have these tools and it creates a workpiece by molding, and this simply means it is adding more materials to the previous raw material to have the desired end product. Essentially you can tell from these facts a 3d printer is more convenient when it comes to keeping the environment clean as it doesn’t produce chips or scrapes unlike its counterpart the CNC lathe machine that leaves traces of the work done.

3D printers are restricted to resins and thermoplastics which limits them to work on other materials available. The CNC lathe machine is capable of working on a variety of materials like metal(aluminum, copper, brass, and steel), thermoplastics, wood, foams, and acrylic. It is evident how CNC lathe machines are reliable as you can use it on any type of material to create your preferred workpiece.

Accuracy is one important element when it comes to creating anything. Imagine you are creating a joint and then they don’t lock into each other. it either means you’ll start all over again with new materials or correct the joints to fit well. The CNC lathe machine has a high level of precision unlike its counterpart the 3D printer which has to be adjusted to be accurate.

Only the rich can afford cheap things, according to this phrase any cheap item you decide to buy may cost you more. If you are rich enough to buy cheap machines, then there are no worries in buying a 3D printer machine which is cheap considering it doesn’t have much function like the CNC lathe machine. The CNC lathe machine might be costly, but it has more functions and can work with almost all materials, and this is relatively cheap considering these facts.

The CNC lathe machine is faster than a 3D printer. A workpiece that will take a 3D printer hours to finish will be done, within 1 hour by the CNC printer. When you are looking to produce more, the CNC lathe machine is the right ally.

Each machine is unique and functions differently depending on the work it was made for. Amateurs may consider a 3D printer better because of its simplicity of function, but a savvy engineer would prefer using a CNC  lathe machine owing to the accuracy and production levels.