What is a CNC Lathe Machine

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A lathe is a machine that spins the workpiece in a pivoted axis to carry out a specific task. A computer numerical control(CNC) lathe is a computerized machine that receives commands from the computer for it to perform a task. The CNC lathe has a microcomputer that is used as the controller unit where the instruction is fed in through a board that resembles a normal keyboard.

The information fed into the machine is stored in the CNC computer and can be edited by the programmer for a specific task. There is no need of changing the whole unit when you want a new system, all you have to do is to incorporate the new system into the CNC machine by reprogramming the computer to be compatible with the new system.

Lathe machines date back to mid-1500 when the wood lathe was first used in France. Later on, it redeveloped into a metal lathe for metal cutting during the industrial revolution. CNC lathe machine is quickly replacing the manually operated lathe machines because they do the work that a manual lathe isn’t able to do, even though the manual lathe machines have not yet been fully replaced, they work together with the CNC lathe machines.

Computers have become relatively cheap nowadays causing the CNC Lathe machine to grow at a very first rate. The CNC needs to be operated by a settler who has high skills level in order to be able to perform the task at hand. Unlike the older versions of Lathe machines that required interior knowledge of the machine, the CNC requires an operator to know how to operate the interface, and it doesn’t matter if the settler is knowledgeable about the inside of the CNC lathe machine.

Each manufacturer designs their CNC lathe machines to their liking and most importantly is to make them look different from each other. It is, for this reason, the interface of each CNC lathe isn’t the same, and it may take a while for the operator to grasp how it works, especially if the operator has never worked with it. In most cases, the CNC lathe machine is operated by one person, and this is to avoid confusions and time wasting. Even with the designs being different, they all have some common elements such as how they position the turret, tool holders, and indexes. The CNC lathe machines are totally closed, unlike the traditional ones due to issues concerning occupational safety.

There are several types of CNC lathe machines, but the four main types are turret, speed, engine, and tool room lathes. It will depend on what type of work you want for the machine for you to purchase one. CNC lathe machines manufacturer has made the work a lot easier as you are able to produce more compared to the traditional model which you have to spend days working on a project which can be completed in a day with the CNC lathe machine.  The CNC lathe machine is easy to operate, and the only time a person has to operate it is when he/she is directing the machine on what it should do.