Care & Maintenance of the CNC Lathe Machine

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A CNC lathe machine can work throughout the year, and it will also provide you with the best service if only you follow the maintenance schedule to the latter. It is weird how some machinist push their machines to destruction just because they don’t see the need of maintaining a machine that is still up and running.

The only fact they are not aware of is they will end up paying more for repairs, and that is a loss. What is the reason to make so much money and in the end, use it for repairs? If you want the best out of any machine, you should learn to take care of it. Taking care of your machine is similar to taking care of your roof like Pinnacle Roofing Inc.

Just like you always check in with the doctor not because you are sick but to check if everything is okay, that is the kind of care you should transfer to your machines. Treat them well, and they will give you the best services.

Just look at how CNC lathe machine has come to make your work easy. It will work long hours and produce more, and it is also logical to give it the pampering it deserves for it last long and continue giving you outstanding services.

How you maintain your CNC lathe machine will determine how long it will last. Avoid manufacturing shut down with these routine maintenance checkups.

Daily maintenances

After every end of the production day, it is best you go through the CNC lathe machine and ensure the hydraulic and chuck pressure are at the correct level. Refill the lube if the levels have gone lower. Inspect the levels of the coolant and make sure they are right.

Clean up any metal cheap and grease movable parts that look dry or need lubrication to avoid wear and tear. These daily maintenance checkups don’t necessarily need an expert to perform them. You can always do them yourself or someone who is managing the CNC lathe machine like the operator for example.

After six months

There is some maintenance that needs a technician to perform as the expert will perform a comprehensive inspection. The expert specialist will be able to note any faulty parts or threats and correct them before it becomes fatal.

The specialist will be able to clean coolant tanks by removing any sludge formation and refill the cooling unit with clean coolant. Wash the radiator and establish proper alignment of the fins.

Take out the chuck and jaws for washing. Take out the old hydraulic fluid and replenish with a new one. Change the line and suction filters. Ensures the CNC lathe machine is up to standard.

Watch this video for more Monthly Machine maintenance tips:

Yearly maintenance

The technician will be able to perform a various task on the CNC lathe machine to ensure smooth running and prevent the breakdown of the machine while working.

The technician will inspect if there is thinning of the headstock and tailstock. inspect the chuck, spindle, and turret. Examine the X and Z axis by conducting a backlash plan and adjust the X and Y axis.

When you observe these routine maintenance programs on your machine, it will serve you for as long as it should, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits by high production without surprise breakdown of the CNC lathe machine.