March 2018

things made by the cnc lathe machine things made by the cnc lathe machine

Safety is a crucial issue when it comes to the handling of any industrial machine. CNC lathe machines are operated by both experienced and first-timers alike, and it doesn’t matter how experienced you are in handling any type of lathe machines you should always observe safety measures.

Any small mistake made by not following the safety measures of any CNC lathe machine might be dangerous and even fatal. If the management of any industrial company has set up the right safety measures such as safety gears and environment, it is the responsibility of any operator to be careful when handling the machine.

The CNC lathe machine is covered, and there are no exposed parts which may cause accidents but still, it is not 100% safe because of the chip particles coming from grounding a metal or wood, and it is required for any operator to protect him/herself. It isn’t a wise decision to rely on other experienced workers, and the best you can do for yourself is to read the user manual carefully and make sure you are acquainted with how the machine works. Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing for the work as loose clothing get entangled to the machine and this can have a horrifying outcome. Safety precautions are not for the inexperienced workers as for when an accident occurs it doesn’t differentiate between the experienced and inexperienced so it is not sensible to assume you have years of experience and you are not prone to any form of accident.

As grinding or any other cutting is taking place, there are always chips that fall or fly and if this gets into your eye or worst if you inhale it may cause a serious health concern. While working with a CNC lathe machine, it is necessary you wear protective gear for the eyes and nose. In some cases, lathing some objects can too noisy and very loud noise can impair hearing, and you should consider covering your ears to protect the vital organs inside your ears.

Loose clothing and hair can be hazardous in the workshop as they might get entangled in a working machine and the result can be catastrophic. Keep your hair tied and wear an appropriate hat just to keep away any hair that wasn’t tied. Short sleeved apron or clothing is the best for working in a workshop as long-sleeved clothing can also cause an accident. It is best if you can avoid any hanging accessories such as jewelry and scarves.

Before you plug in a CNC lathe machine ensure you have read the user manual and you are ready to operate it without having the knowledge on how to operate it may cause you to do it wrong and end up causing harm to you or others.

Environmental safety is also crucial, and it is necessary to ensure there is no oil or grease spill out that may cause anyone to slip and fall. All fallen wood or metal shavings should be removed immediately.

The CNC lathe machine was invented for the purpose of making work easier and not to harm anyone and only this is possible if everyone is accountable for their own lives.

The difference between CNC and Manual Lathe Machines The difference between CNC and Manual Lathe Machines

The invention of the CNC lathe machine makes work easier and faster than the manually operated lathe which is bound to work for limited hours because of operation and supervision issues.This means, the business will grow, production will be high, deadlines will be met and more money in the account.

The manufacturer will get more benefits from the CNC lathe machine than any other person because he/she will only need one or two operators to handle the CNC lathe machines available in the workshop and he will cut down the cost of hiring too many workers.

Even though the CNC lathe machine is economical to the manufacturer but it is killing employment opportunities for those individuals who had skilled in operating the traditional lathe machines.

The skills acquired for many years by engineers who have specialized in lathe handling and maintenance will go down the drain as it is no longer useful for the modern CNC lathe machine which only requires basic skills to operate it.

The rate of unemployment will increase with the CNC lathe machine dominating the industry because there’s no need of employing many workers who will be sitting the whole day doing nothing and waiting for the machine to do all the work.

Engineering and mathematical skills are slowly fading away as students were equipped with this knowledge to help them be acquainted with the manual lathe machine which is now not needed for the CNC lathe machine.

The cost of buying the CNC lathe machine is relatively expensive, and it can take a while for an industrialist to adopt it. Buying a second-hand CNC lathe machine can be an option, but you should be careful to select the best working machine.

Seek the opinion of an expert such as a mechanic to aid you in selecting a good machine. Ensure there is documentation just in case you want to contact the manufacturer concerning parts of the machine.

It may seem hard for the CNC lathe machines to take over the industrial world completely because of the way it is costly but if you can remember when the computer first came it was very expensive for the common man to have it but now it is relatively cheap for the common man to buy.

This is also the case with the CNC lathe machine, it has a potential for the future, and most workshop will adopt it. When drawing a design for the manual lathe machine a paper is used, but with the CNC lathe machine the client needs to send a copy of the drawing to the workshop and the drawing is then fed to the CNC lathe machines interface.

When there’s reduction in the use of papers more trees will be saved, and the environment is preserved. The chips produced during cutting, shaping, and milling can be hazardous but when handled correctly by recycling the environment will not be polluted.

The coolant and lubricant fluid is very dangerous and if not disposed of correctly can cause skin problems, lung diseases, and even cancer.

The CNC lathe machine has a positive and negative impact on the economy and environmental health of a place, but it will all depend on how well prepared the industrialist, and the community is prepared for it.